Advice to a Mommy to ease the first day at baby’s play school, day mother or nursery school.

Your child is the biggest investment you will ever make in life and I say this to all my new parents. Therefore, choose a place where you feel comfortable as mom or dad, a place where you can resonate with the staff. There is no better description than to say “trust your gut feeling”.

The first day or week is the worst for you as mother, because of doubt on your mind, ‘Can I trust these people?’; ‘Can they look after my child as well as I do?’

Therefore it is extremely important that once you have chosen a place for your baby, you start to build a relationship with the staff.
Visit the school or day mother before the first day, on a regular basis. Sitting in class where your baby or toddler will be. Take in what happens in this class, sing and play along. Make your baby’s bottle where they make it, change a nappy at their changing station and join wherever you are going to leave your child.

I feel principals and staff that do not allow these thing, dont take your child and your interests seriously, no matter if there are 2 or 200 children in this class.

Then breathe !!

Grab his / her suitcase. Grab something personal like a teddy or blanket from home, as smell plays a big role in your baby’s life. To experience strange smells and sounds that are not part of their home can be upsetting and therefore something that smells familiar is important. Be positive, swallow those tears because babies will feel their mom’s distress. Drop your child off with an easy mind. You know your child best, ‘should I say goodbye and walk or a few minutes to calm?’

Greet your child whether he / she is 2 months or 6 years old. I feel very strongly about this, don’t just slip away as it generates unnecessary stress, ‘Where has mommy gone?’

Then sit in your car and cry your eyes out, call the school regularly, even if it is every half hour! (With me, I will let you know if you’ve called enough.)

Hopefully you have chosen a place that is willing to send you photos during the day, as it makes your day shorter.

Speak to the staff at the school, if you get home tonight and something upsets you or you have questions about what might have happened at school.

Communication is the most important weapon to beat separation anxiety!!