This is probably one of the worst things that you can imagine. I have always said they can do with me what they want, but leave my kids alone …

Most hijackers will track a potential victim for a while before the attack, and hijackings with children in cars are uncommon, because they know the search for the car with children involved would be a hundred times more proactive.

What does one do?

Believe, trust, and pray that you never have to live through this situation, however what if it happens?

STAY CALM – to start crying, yelling, making hand gestures etc will not only anger your hijackers but also upset your children. Show your children you are in control, because once they are through this situation, they should still feel safe with mommy / daddy in the car.
Teach your older children to loosen their seat belts themselves, and open the door and climb out.

I have always had a special password, when my children were small. Our password was -Teddie bears. Would there be a dangerous situation or they use our warning word, everyone knew it was serious and something must be done.

Exercise with your children what to do if the password is said in car, how to open car doors, keep hands on their heads, look down to the floor, move away from car and sit down on the ground.

What should I do with my children who are still in their safety / baby chairs?

Oldest or only children should ALWAYS sit directly behind driver. If you have central locking, make sure you unlock all doors.
While you keep your hands in the air, says to hijackers that you just want to offload your kids from the car.

If possible leave car keys in your hand. When you hand over the keys, it gives you a few minutes to get your children while they start the ignition.

Place one foot behind drivers seat, lean over to unclip the left child. Child directly behind driver sitting will cling to you, meaning you can evacuate both children from the car, in one movement.

Would hijackers race away, your body weight, will throw you back into the car, so they drive away with you in the car.

I’ve never been in this situation, so the information I provide in this blog is really difficult. I think any mother’s fighting instinct kicks in. All situations vary, it happened so fast and hijackers are always armed.