There are so many places where a child goes missing, so I believe you as a parent need to know at all times where your child is.
In today’s society, I do not believe a child can ride around alone on his bicycle in the street, walk to a partner, or a shop, or even go to a public toilet. A parent must always be present or if they are teenagers, it should be ingrained from a young age, that you stay in groups at all times!!
Even in our local restaurant areas you should never take your eyes off your child or even better play with your children.
How you behave in this situation will depend on how and where it takes place.
In a shopping center:
In today’s life, I trust no stranger who wants to see my child, pass commentary or even touch my child. It would immediately set off hazards immediately if a stranger shows unacceptable interest in my child.
Your child was still in trolley or next to you and now he / she gone, now what??
Shout as loud as you can so that everyone knows and start looking around.
Do not stop shouting until everyone is listening to you, your child may hiding behind a shelf but someone could also have taken your child.
If your child is missing, I would immediately insist that the doors be closed on whichever chain store you’re in.
Immediately notify store security.
Contact the nearest police station to the shopping center and demanded that they come to shop.
Call your husband, friends, family and ask them to go to the police station and to report it.
Many children are disguised in mall bathrooms before they are taken out shopping so if possible check all bathrooms.
Insist on immediately looking at camera images, most malls have it installed.
Make sure you know exactly what clothes your child has on.
Always carry a small picture of your child in your purse to have available immediately for identification.
Once your child is old enough to teach him / her to scream as loud as possible, biting, kicking and screaming to attract attention if someone even attempts anything with him / her ….
During a car hijacking:
If possible try to remember anything from the hijackers how many were there, young or old, what direction they drove the car?
Marks, complexion, height, it is often impossible because everyone’s too afraid to look them in the eyes.
Notify police immediately.
Try to stop another motorist for help if it happens in a street or intersection.


If you suspect your child has gone missing, do NOT wait another second, take action and report it immediately.
Stay calm, even if it is not impossible
Notify police Immediately
Open a case at the police station for a missing child
Notify the security firm you use at home, at the shopping center, neighborhood watch etc
Know what your child was wearing and give a detailed description through to police
Notify all your friends and family and asked to help search on social media.
Get private detectives to help you