It’s a question that I get asked regularly by colleagues and friends
The honest answer, I do not know!!

My grandmother always said: “Deidre is going to play with her dolls for the rest of her life”, and my mother in law said I would “never grew up”.

There is something in a child that draws to me. The potential of a child. What you as a parent and head are putting in a child is for life! ! The satisfaction I get in reaching “a difficult,” child, is something I cannot describe. To receive the hugs and hear the stories from our litte children, every day, is a privilege thousands of people do not get.

We had the priveledge to have an autistic boy in our school for a while and just to get him to eat was a challenge. The day he came to me to eat, was the day most of my staff shed tears of joy and pride. And yes, I had to follow him around the school with the bowl of food, but he ate!

I believe a great man is a product of his school, his parents and society. To be part of a little person’s development, in order to ensure that each child develops, is stimulated, is safe and happy in my school, is my first priority.

And so some days I want to run away, parents and staff giving me gray hair, but I know tomorrow is another day, with a school full of kids who know: Teacher Deidre has a wooden eye that sees and hears everything!!

Honest answer, It gives me great pleasure to run a nursery school!

Everyone knows my baby room is my favorite place and I wish by October month that all GR 0 children are in GR1, but every day offers new challenges of my children, my staff and my parents and I strive at all times to keep each and all satisfied.

And the most important thing to be a head or owner of a nursery school, is the staff. I sought out each and every one of my teachers. Without them, each giving 100 per cent every day, whether they are sick or troubled or in no mood to work, they are there and work harder than I do some days, to make a success of Kosi Kasi.