In our busy life of racing to work, picking up and dropping children at school, house keeping and making food, one does not want to hear how important it is to find a few minutes every day to pay individual attention to each child… and yes, you read that right, INDIVIDUAL attention to every child, even if there are 4 of them ..

With a little planning and time for your child’s needs, you can help your child develop into a steadfast and emotionally intelligent child.

– Kids learn a language through talking – Talk to your child while doing something in and around the house.

– Listen to his questions and answer it, even if you want to get mad about the “but why”.

– Children learn through their senses – let them taste your food, talk about the texture of food, it’s salty sweet, etc. while you cook.

– Let them listen to music – discuss it, it’s loud, soft, fast, calm, etc.

– Even if you takes a little longer to do your home chores, let it take a little longer for them to help you

– One of the most important activities for all age groups is to read !! If your baby is ready and lying in his bed or on your lap, read a story appropriate for his or her age. A cool way or ritual to end a busy day and it gives a sense of “importance”. I’m important to mom and dad and every night they make time to read me a story. I do not even want to start on the importance of reading in creating an interest for any child …

Please pop back on Friday morning for more, when we talk about Playing.