Through playing, a child learns a great deal. Different ages play different games. As children play, they discover themselves and thus they develop. There are factors that can influence games such as age, personality, intelligence and therefore it is important to create an atmosphere at home in which your child can develop, grow and learn.

– In the first few months of development, your baby’s best play mate his mom or dad or caregiver.

– By 3 months they start searching for stimulation. Mobiles, mirrors, music toys, anything that can stimulate stimulation can be used.

– As soon as baby starts crawling, they learn by trial and error. Put away all the dangerous things and make your home a place of discovery, put pots and pans out, boxes, squeaky toys etc.

– When they start walking they want to climb and clamber. Major motor development is the most important part of your child’s development.

– Walk outside, throw a ball, walk up a hill, climb stairs hand to hand.

– 2 year old children start to monkey people, like feeding her doll or shaving like daddy.

– About 3 years old, children begin to socialize and it is important to help them develop through the concept of part, let’s make turns. It’s also important to schedule time with other friends, especially if your child does not go to a nursery school.

– Usually at the age of 4 and 5 they already have a “special” mate. They then begin to make their own rules for their game and start competing with each other.

Playing is a very important bonding time. If you are older than playing with your child, tell him that he or she is important in your eyes.

Monday I will share some great ideas on how to implement this learning.