Some activities you can do, as a parent, to create a special moment between you and your child:

– Take your baby on a tour through the house and garden.

– Touch chairs, curtains etc. and talk about it.

– Sing songs to your baby while you cook food.

– Massage their hands and feet to bath time.

– For your toddler, put something away, like cheese, in the kitchen and ask him or her to help you search for it

– Sort forks and spoons together

– Let them help beat or stir the food you are making.

– Provide plastic containers to cover and seal lids.

– Put puzzles or clay with you on the floor, while you work on your laptop

– Stacking toys, wear mom’s clothes and shoes – play school on stairs

– Old magazines make a great tool for searching, tearing and learning images.

– Older child can help to sort laundry.

– Washing pencils on a plastic container.

– Play hide and seek

– Allow your 4 year old to help wash dishes.

– Or to help with his brother or sister, to give them bath or bottle

– Teach them how to take away toys after playing time.

– Keep all your plastic bottles or cardboard boxes for construction time.

– Open a sandpit outside and climb with your child in front of you at the sea and build sand castles

– Take a simple flat container pour water, color it, see what can sink and drift into the water

– Make your own foam bubbles with dish soap.

The list is long and I can go forever with ideas, but the most important thing is to play, read and do ALL with your child.