Many parents have asked me over the years what to send to school for a birthday party. The most important thing that parents need to remember is that this is during school time. So bear in mind that it cannot interfere too much in the class routine therefore parties are usually small and only 20min to 30min long.

My advice is not to spend too much money and effort on a school party that is only 20min long. Kids will be satisfied with any school party as long as there is cake and singing involved.

You may send party packs to school, but it is not always be necessary, as we do not allow them to eat the lucky packet at school (imagine the sugar rush), therefore, we send the party packs home. So, do you really need to send party packs, if they are just sent them home anyway? Personally, I feel it is not a neccessity.

What you can do as a treat, is send maybe 2 to 3 packet of chips. They like munching on something salty while eating something sweet. If you do decide on party packs, chips are always a treat after the cake.

Should I pack decorations?

Every school is different but I still believe in less is more. Our teachers usually set up tables and chairs for the kids. You can send a few balloons and a table cloth if you would like to do so. But I’ve had parents showing up with table covers/runners, chair covers and rented props which is unnecessary and over the top.

I feel bad for the parents putting in all that effort for something that is only +-20min long. If you would like a big party, do a birthday party over the weekend with a few friends. The reason behind School party’s is all about making the kids feel special whilst carrying on with our normal daily routine. They get a special crown and the whole class gets to sing for them while sharing a cake /cupcake

Cupcakes are always a winner as you can order the right quantity that you need and nothing will go to waste or a cake will work just fine. Make sure to check with class teacher of the quantity of kids in class and arrange when you would want the party to take place. This is important, as you cannot just assume that it would suit the class plans.

As a school, it is always important to us, to make the children feel extra special on their Birthday.