Being bullied at a school or nursery school / creche is probably one of the worst things your child can go through.

Before sending your child to any nursery school, Primary School or High School asks if they have a “bullying policy”.

Listen when your child talks to you, never dismiss anything as “nothing”; Yes, I know they’re telling thousands of stories, but some stories need to set off warning bells !!

Note the following warning signs that your child may be bullied at school:

– All of a sudden your toddler tells you on a daily basis that someone has done this or that to him or her.

– Marks, scratches or bruises that appear on a daily basis

– Change in eating habits and sleep routine

– Very hungry when he or she gets home

– School books, tuckshop money, lunch boxes, school clothing disappears

– Does not want to ride on bus or arranged transport

– Does not use school bathroom at all

– Wets the bed

– Has fewer friends

– Refuses to go to school

– Marks drop drastically in subjects

– Talks of suicide

– Becomes sad for no reason

– What is their mood when he or she comes from school? If you know your child well, you will immediately know if something is wrong

Ask direct questions:

– You are always hungry, do you share your lunch box with someone?

– Where did you fall at school

– Your jacket has been torn, where did you snag it?

A child who stays silent and does not answer you, must be taken seriously.

On my next blog, I will share what to do if you think your child is bullied.